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  1. Took a Long Time
  2. Lovin' Machine
  3. Don't Go No Further
  4. Backhoe
  5. Nickel
  6. Work for Yourself
  7. Bible Belt
  1. When Will We
  2. My Little Secret
  3. Doin' the World
  4. Change of Heart
  5. There's A Wall
  6. Cornfield
  7. Get Loose
  8. Go Down Swingin'
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"They called it Rocket but it could have been "Time Machine"- a scintillating CD that peers into the past, present, and future of that unique musical collective known as Outerspace. As funky as an Airstream trailer and as sleek as the Concorde, it effortlessly bridges the gap from 1968 to 2001, assuring us that this is a band that will just keep on swingin' . . . and rockin'."

-Jim Roberts

Founding Editor of Bass Player magazine and a contributor to Guitar Player, Keyboard, Down Beat, the Valley Advocate, and a lot of other publications.





Outerspace, Live 
at Gritty's


  1. I Knew the Bride
  2. Lovin' Machine
  3. Backhoe
  4. Master Plan
  5. Street People
  6. Bible Belt
  1. Mr. Happy
  2. Down and Out
  3. Cornfield
  4. 2nd Line
  5. Big Brown Eyes
  6. Twistin' in China

A selction of songs from the band's first release of a live recording in many years. It's not rocket science... summertime plus Maine plus Gritty's Brew Pub equals an album from a show that was memorable. Enjoy!


Compton Maddux


album image
  1. Took a Long Time
  2. Tell Me Why
  3. Nature of the Game
  4. Change of Heart
  5. Restless
  6. Masterplan
  1. Trouble on the Line
  2. Bloodred
  3. We Don't Talk
  4. Too Much Love
  5. Welcome to My Jungle
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About Feet of Clay:


Guitar-driven country/rock with Fogerty-esque vocals... lyrically rich songs are graced by guest performances by Richie Havens, John Leventhal (Sean Colvin and Marc Cohen), Jeff Golub (Rod Stuart), Lucy Kaplansky, Jim Lauderdale, Kenny Kosek, Billy Ward and the late, great Bobby Chouinard. And of course the living, breathing John Moses. How did Compton get this formidable cast of dudes and divas? The old fashion way... he paid for them.



The Joint Chiefs


album image
  1. Go Down Swingin'
  2. All I Want
  3. Cry Love
  4. I Wonder
  5. If I Open Up
  6. Baby Can I Hold You
  7. Let a Little Time
  8. Choo Choo Ch'boogie
  1. Rain Just Falls
  2. Bell Eloise
  3. Leavin' Louisiana
  4. Concrete and Clay
  5. If You Don't Know Me by Now
  6. Cool Clear Water
  7. Sometimes I Wonder
  8. Atlantic City
album image 2

About The Joint Chiefs:


We call ourselves The Joint Chiefs out of respect for one another, and because it does not seem likely that the guys in the snazzy outfits with the red phones will be putting out a recording anytime soon. At least not one you'd want to sing along with.

Who are we? We are Louise Lindenmeyr, Eliot Osborn, and George Potts, with Special Guests Alvin Suarez and Arnoldo Vargas.


The Joint Chiefs


album image
  1. There Goes My Love
  2. Come That Day
  3. Real Life
  4. Just Dance
  5. The Last Whippoorwill
  6. Sycamore Shade
  7. Big Brown Eyes
  1. La Libelula
  2. I Don't Want Love
  3. Wanna B Your Baby
  4. Poison Love
  5. I'm Only Sleeping
  6. Still Kickin'
  7. Someday


album image


Moses; Moses in Madagascar
  1. Malagasi
  2. Bienvenue Madagascar
  3. Miova
  4. Remember This
  5. Rainforest/ Bizarro World
  6. Green Planet
  1. Au Clair de la Lune
  2. Rainforest/ Girls' Picnic
  3. As the Years Go Passing By
  4. Rainforest/Shulman Brothers
  5. Tsiadino
  6. Daniel, Daniel

This album springs from a cultural claboration between John, folks in his town and people in Madagascar.  Soon after completing this recording, John went to the island to spend time with the Malagasi for whom many of these songs were written.


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