Moses has spent a lifetime editing speed and flash on the guitar into soulful expression. Back in the eighties in N.Y.C he learned from session and club work how to accompany songwriters and make a solo statement count. Now less is more. Edit your playing with intelligence and passion. Space solos should be transcendent-they should sound nonderivative and purely expressive.

Influences run from Bird and B.B., to Jimi and Jerry. People he still listens to: Robben Ford, John Scofield, Eric Johnson, Eddie Van Halen and John McLaughlin.

Started on the baritone ukulele. Progressed to anything else with strings. Now learning pedal steel. From head to heart to hand- originated "floating thumb technique" to help with speed up the neck. Plays an 1983 Charvel guitar- he got tired of hauling 1958 Gibson ES 335 and 1963 Fender Strat to every gig. Always felt showmanship an important part of the whole concept of rock guitar. People don't want to see you just stand there. This past tour featured Moses leaping off a 20 foot speaker stack into space. The crowd caught him.

Enjoys singing originals and is inspired by the stellar writing craft of other three writers in Space.

"I send ROCKETs up, where they come down is not my business." ...Werner Von Braun

"The wire is life, the rest is just waiting around." ...Karl Walenda

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