Wailing Dave

Wailing Dave remembers...in a math class (of all places), a tall fellow announced that a new band was auditioning people who might want to sing, and told us to show up at such-and-such a place and such-and-such a time. So I grabbed my harmonicas that day, and, taking a deep breath, walked through a door, which would lead to a future I could not dream of.

Wailing Dave Picture

Picture by Gus Mc'Ilhenny.

Anyway, it seems there was ANOTHER guy who also wanted to audition for the job. I got the band to play some blues, and played the hottest harp I knew. The other guy (named "Compton"....??), however, had this incredible voice and even more incredible energy. He could NOT be stopped. There were some vague arrangements for a call-back. I returned when I was supposed to, expecting the worst. It seems that the guitar guy and the bass guy decided that two lead singers would be a cool approach, and they took us both! Yowzah!!

I can remember hearing the guitar guy playing "Fire" by Jimi Hendrix at the rehearsal, and I could not believe it: I thought no one else could make those sounds. And they liked blues, too -- seems they liked everything. Soon called "Gasoline", this early OUTERSPACE took off, following their own flight instructions, and inviting along all who had the courage to explore. And explore we did. And do. And will.

Glad I bothered to go to math that day...

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