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July 21- Gritty's, Freeport, 5:30-9
July 22- Blue Goose Dance Hall, Northport, 8-12
July 23- Kennebec Tavern, Bath, 3-6





The Uncle Al Fundraising Weekend at Sugarloaf, ME


JAN 14- MASON STRUNK and members of THE OUTERSPACE BAND, apres ski 

at THE BAG 4-5:30










July 15th - Kennebec Tavern, Bath, Maine 8:00 - 11:00






September 11th - Kennebec Tavern, Bath, Maine 7:00 - 10:00

September 12th - Savage Oaks Winery, Union, Maine - Wedding

September 13th - Waterfront, Camden, Maine 2:00 - 5:00




July 10th - Gritty's, Freeport, Maine 5:30 - 9:00

July 11th - Swifty's, Hope, Maine 7:00 - 10:00

July 12th - Vinalhaven











Uncle Al
Rest In Peace


Alexander E. Scheeren 1938 - 2014


Several years ago, The Outerspace Band had the pleasure playing on the Summer of Love Tour. What a thrill it was to open for legendary acts like Big Brother and the Holding Company, Quicksilver Messenger Service, It’s a Beautiful Day, and of course Jefferson Starship. These were bands that made the music that we cut our teeth on when we lived in California in the summer of ’69.

Around noon I spotted Gary Duncan of Quicksilver. As he sat at the table sipping on his vintage bottle of wine, I started to gush. “Quicksilver,” I said to Gary, “your record Happy Trails changed my life. You guys were the first Jam Band.” Taking another pull on the bottle he said, “I am glad to hear that; I’m the only one left."

After playing a rather truncated set I remember reflecting on the day; what differentiated Outerspace from all these famous acts? And then it dawned on me. 45 years together and we were all still alive. What serendipity. What a joy. What luck.

For years the stage has been our workplace. We have played all the venues: the bars, the pubs, in fields, in quarries & at curling clubs; in the rain, in the snow... from the Great Wall of China to the White House; to the Rack at Sugarloaf.

In Outerspace there are no back line players - we are all frontline. We all have a space to fill. Night after night we find each other in those spots. For 40 years Uncle Al was the golden bell over my shoulder. Shining in the spotlights. Smooth shoulders leaning into the slide. Lean torso welded to perfect legs. Undisputedly, Al had the best legs in the band. The blackest, most archetypal of beards. As your eyes scan the stage you see the players in their spots. There's Al. Uncle Al. The seventy six year old perfect master….And Eliot, Compton, Dave and Moses. Chief. Wiskey. Klon. Artie.

Uncle Al….the only full-time uncle I've ever had. And he's not just my uncle, he is everybody's uncle. He's the guy everybody wants at their Thanksgiving table. He's the go-to Elder... where you can get permission to be yourself without strings. The only rule is to act out of love. Al's rule. The lesson of the sweet horn man. Live your heart. We miss him, but we’ll always hear him.

Compton Maddux, December 5, 2014.










July 4th - Alternate Site after rain-out by hurricane





June 13 - Vernon Social, Trinity College, Hartford, Ct. 8:30 - 12:00

July 3rd - Gritty's, Auburn, Maine 8:00 - 11:00

July 4th - Bath Days Festival, Bath, Maine 8:30

July 5th - Private Party, Blue Hill, Maine

July 11th - Gritty's, Freeport, Maine 5:30 - 9:00

July 12th - Swifty's, Hope, Maine 7:00 - 10:00 ***Sold Out - No Tickets Sold at Door - Sorry***

July 13th - Gritty's, Portland. Maine 6:00 - 10:00





• Saturday, November 2nd- Annual Halloween Show at Camp Sloane, Lakeville, Ct. For more information email Eliot at eliolou@gmail.com




• Saturday, February 16th at the Roadhouse in Millers Falls, Mass. 9:00pm showtime. Be there and bring all your friends!

Calling all earthlings of the Space-is-the-Place kind. Eliot here - Just sending up a flare to the intelligent life that swings by these coordinates intermittently, hoping maybe to catch a few of you poking your heads out of a snowdrift, just lookin' for an excuse to lift off... Spacemen style ! I mean... OK, if Punxsutawney Phil is really enough for you to find early February uplifting, well then, as Delbert McClinton once offered, "you better stay home, cuz you might get in our way "... but for all of the rest of youse who might be in the mood for something a little stronger, please give showing up at the RT 63 Roadhouse this Saturday some serious thought. If you are unfamiliar with this launching pad, it remains of one of the last true roadhouses on this planet... pool tables, bouncer, the whole enchilada... We're all lookin' forward to this now annual gathering, pretty much our only chance to fire up the repertoire and take it out for a spin before summer. We'll be joined by some special guests from the Pioneer Valley that are sure to infuse the fellas with the necessary abandon... Not confirmed as of this writing, but negotiations are underway with Professor Peabody to set the Way Back Machine to 1981 so can all pass through it on our way to the stage and come out looking like this...

Now that would be something worth driving around in the middle of February for, no ? C U there... Eliot




Saturday, July 7th at Andy Swift's in Hope, Me at 7:00pm at the Firefly Barn



• October 29th- Annual Halloween Show at Camp Sloane, Lakeville, Ct. For more information email Eliot at eliolou@gmail.com Cancelled Due To Weather & Related Issues 


July Shows:




October Shows:

Two Nights of Halloween

• October 29th at the Roadhouse in Millers Falls, Mass. 9:00pm showtime; promises to be a kick-ass show!

• October 30th- Annual Halloween Show at Camp Sloane, Lakeville, Ct. For more information email Eliot at eliolou@gmail.com 


July Shows:



• January 30th at the Roadhouse in Millers Falls, Mass. 9:00pm showtime; a good time will be had by all!  


Fall Shows:

• November 7th- Halloween Show at Camp Sloane, Lakeville, Ct. For more information email Eliot at eliolou@gmail.com

Summer Shows:




Winter Shows:

• February 14th, Valantine's Day at the Nostalgia Inn, Kingfield, Maine. Show should begin around 9:00 pm, Make you plans now.

• January 10th at the Roadhouse in Millers Falls, Mass.  

Here is a little Space history from Johnny...


Ah yes, Spacers, Obama is in the White House and we all look to a new leadership to help straighten the tracks.

How did we begin? Artificial intelligence? No, a simple ad on an ivy laden college wall, Trinity College, Hartford, CT, 1968. Klondike looking to start a band, I answered and we started to hatch a plan. We sat in his dorm room listening to Hendrix and the Beatles. Klon stood up in Math class and further recruited Dave and Compton. Both sang, one played harp. One drummer later we settled on Chief, or he settled on us. First gig: November 1st, 1968, Old Cave Café, Trinity. I have the paperwork to prove it. That night on the set list Doors’ “5 to 1”, “Back Door Man”, Hendrix’s “Fire” and some Buffalo Springfield.

We were the leftover flower children’s crusade and looking back on it now I guess we won some important battles in the 60’s and 70’s.

Lately we celebrated our 40th anniversary to the day in Lakeville, CT. Sold out crowd hearing the best unrecorded band in the business?

I’ll be Space blogging and slogging again soon. Questions? Comments?

Stay tuned to hear how Eliot, Artie, Al and 2 Trinity managers and another soundman, Eric, Richie, Don, plus assorted keys and guitarist, D.J., Van, and Aram, plus 2 Maine roadies, Andy and Conger, all hitched a ride and became involved. Some very much still!





Summer Shows:




Fall & Winter Shows:

• March 28 at the Empire Club, located at 575 Congress Street in Portland. Show begins around 9:00 PM.

• March 29 at the Nostalgia Inn, Kingfield, Maine. Show should begin around 9:00 pm, Make you plans now.

• November 3- Halloween Show at Camp Sloane, Lakeville, Ct. For more information email Eliot at eliolou@earthlink.net

 • December 8 - Opening for Jefferson Starship at the King Pine Room, Sugarloaf, Me. Show should begin at 8:30

• January 19th at the Roadhouse in Millers Falls, Mass.  

• More shows to be annoounced soon


Summer Shows:




This should be of interest to all fans of the band. Space has been asked to play at an outdoor show on July 1st at the Tri-County Fair Grounds in Northampton, Mass along with Jefferson Starship, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Big Brother & the Holding Company, It's A Beautiful Day and Tom Constanten from early Grateful Dead days. For more information on the show check out the following link.    http://www.firstaidforourtroops.org



Summer Shows:

• Friday, July 7 at Grittys in Freeport, Maine. Show begins late afternoon (around 4:00) outdoors, with tent in case of rain. This has annually been one of the great gigs. Be there if you can.

• Saturday, July 8 at Andy Swift's in Hope, Maine. Always a great time had by all. May be outdoors depending on weather.

• Sunday, July 9 at the usual mystery location. The show the band looks forward to all year.




• Friday, April 7 at the Rack on the access road to Sugarloaf, Maine. Show will begin at around 10:00. See you there.

• Saturday, April 8, at the Nostalgia Inn, Kingfield, Maine. Show should begin around 9:00 pm, Make you plans now; it will be a great night.


• Friday, October 7 at the People's Pint in Greenfield, Mass; the band should begin after 9:00.

• Saturday, October 8 the boys will be back at the Nostalgia Inn, Kingfield, Maine. The band's last gig there was sold out, so call for tickets soon.

• Saturday, October 29 is the annual Halloween show at Camp Sloan in Lakeville, Connecticut. Costumes encouraged, the more outrageous the better.


June 27, 2005

  • JULY 10TH- *#@!$%& STILL UP IN THE AIR

    December 31, 2004


    Happy New Year, and with the changing year there will be some changes coming to the site. We are hoping for more contributions from the boys in the band and some technical changes that will allow this to occur. Check back soon.

    June 2004

    June 3, 2004

    What goes around, comes around; in this case Space's Maine Summer Tour. The schedule was finalized tonight. Going to heat things up this summer with the gigs booked in July. Plan accordingly, and we hope to see you all there. Bring plenty of sunscreen for the outdoor shows.

    • JULY 11TH- *#@!$%&


    Winter 2003-2004


    December 11, 2003

    Some pictures from Halloween have been added, and a few words from Moses...

    Greetings Spacers: this is the first official Space newsletter from your old pal and space archivist, Johnny Guitar Jupiter "Jimi" Moses. A man of many names and no true identity.

    Eliot- keyboardist, vocalist and chief song craftsman, is busy finishing up "Still Kickin", his latest high-tech home studio hit. Back from L.A. TAXI songwriter’s convention marketing his tunes. He and talented wife, Lulu Love Lindenmeyr, just offered a tour of Eastern Europe from the State Department. El and family recently back from Cuba. We’re hoping this world troubadour can carve out some time for Space’s tour in July 2004.

    Klondike- bassist, sound engineer, another world traveler hopes to make the Nov. 1 gig at the 10th annual Camp Sloan Halloween Space costume party. He’ll be jet lagged and punchy from his return flight from Holland. Klon is on call from a dot COM genius/musician who will fly his sound expertise anywhere in the world. Klondike Sound, known from New England to Newport to New Orleans, is the main reason these astro geezers still sound relevant after 35 years.

    Compton- guitarist, vocalist, chief songwriter, Outerspace’s "secret weapon" is busy putting the finishing touches on his 2nd solo CD, "Dirt Simple". Yours truly was asked to contribute pedal steel guitar, banjo and dobro. My one comment, "Why not have me record on an instrument I can play?" Allison, fiddler for Shania Twain, is all over the tunes.

    Uncle Al- trombonist, fiddler, space guru, the "-- year old perfect master", social chemist tending to the ski birds of Sugarloaf mountain, site of many Space shows in the past. Al can be heard on the latest Vinalhaven board tape (one of our most interesting), dueling bones with jazz great, Artie Baron.

    Wailin’ Dave- vocalist, harpist, guitarist- also busy putting the finishing touches on his first as yet untitled solo CD. The music is of course bluesy, reggaeish and inspirational. I had a blast helping W.D. and monster drummer, son Jake, with a couple of cuts. My favorite? "I Am It!" The CD was recorded at Avocet studios, site of Outerspace CD, "Rocket".

    Mike Wiskey- drummer, percussionist and all around hearty soul, the newest member of the band (only 2 decades?)- Mikey is known for his dry wit and subtle humor and he’s still single. He plays a mean gutbucket metal tie and can cover vocal chores, harmonies and other Space originals.

    Artie- sound engineer and board duties, when not litigating or redesigning tube circuitry, Artie devotes road time to the band. He actually knows more about everything than all of us combined, so we shut up and listen.

    Johnny Guitar- lead guitarist, vocalist, although blushingly introduced as "the only guy who can really play," his chops are actually up these days through involvement with 3 cover bands. Exhausted but happy with the gigs, he is working on his first solo CD, "Moses in Madagascar", which as hippie-retro as it sounds will raise money for the endangered rainforest of Madagascar, (4th largest island in the world off S.E. coast of Africa).

    Am booking mid July 2004 Outerspace summer tour. Please send suggestions, requests, newsletter reaction to me at fingers@optonline.net

    -October, 2003



    Want to read "old news?" Check out the Old Space News


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