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Space News Archives

"Old News"

Spring 2003

June 21, 2003

Yes, 2003, finally. Some technical difficulties, various other life commitments, and a good heaping of other excuses later, I have finally managed to get around to updating the site. This year's much anticipated Coast of Maine tour will happen in August, so plan your sick days accordingly for skipping work.

Winter 2001

December 4, 2001

Some travel to Times Square, others sit at home and watch the crowd in NYC on TV, and yet more will complete the yearly tradition of making fools of themselves at the office party...

You, on the other hand, want something better. You want good music. You want a great show! You want a memorable New Year's Eve!

Well, we're going to give it to you. Space will be at the Widowmaker at Sugarloaf on December 31st, 9pm. For reservations and more info call 207-237-6845.

We look forward to seeing you there! Don't forget your skis and boards!


Fall 2001

November 6, 2001

First and foremost, the ski season is upon us! Rejoice!

And just as exciting, we've put up a couple more mp3's. Check out Leavin' Louisiana, All I Want, and Atlantic City off of The Joint Chiefs' It Matches Your Juice album. Also available, Don't Go No Further from Rocket and Masterplan from Feet of Clay. So enjoy the music, and of course- buy the album if you want to hear more.

Wishing you a season of epic powder days!


Fall 2001

September 27, 2001

Well, like all those NASA experts say, space is ever-expanding. In this case space has grown to include some new, and not so new photos. There are some from this past summer (thanks to everyone who sent us pics!), and some from summers much further back. (Any guesses on the year they were taken?)

New pics not exciting enough for you? Well, how about a new CD? Okay, so it's not quite a Space album, but Louise Lindenmeyr, Eliot Osborn, and George Potts have come together to become The Joint Chiefs, and their album "It Matches Your Juice" is now available for sale.

In my completely unbiased opinion, this one is well worth your $15 (includes shipping!). If you don't believe me, we should have a song or two for you to sample soon enough.

Doing my best to help Outerspace get bigger-

Danielle Adams- web person, Space Cadet, and slightly overworked med student


Summer 2001

Can you keep up with Space? Check out what's lined up, starting in less than two weeks...

Well, as you can tell, we've changed the look of our site, we think for the better. Navigation around the site should be just as easy as ever. But as always, we'd love to know what you think.

Space Webmasters
Arthur and Danielle Adams admin@outerspaceband.com

Winter 2000- 2001

December 26, 2000

Compton's CD, "Feet of Clay," is now available to buy on the web. And as with "Rocket" there is absolutely no shipping or handling. Same price as if you buy it at a show (or at The Bag).

And speaking of shows, it was good to see a lot of you up at Sugarloaf a few weeks ago! Sorry to those who couldn't come, but the band had a good time, and we hope y'all did too.

Not too much else to say; we've added a bit more music, and a few more pictures. Hope everybody's holidays went well!

Space Webmasters
Arthur and Danielle Adams admin@outerspaceband.com

November 24, 2000

Long time no news. But guess what? Space is going to be up at the 'Loaf. That's right, we're playing at the King Pine Room at Sugarloaf on Saturday night, December 2. The 'Loaf, which holds a special place in the heart of this webmaster, is having their 50th reunion, and Space is playing at the Sugarloafer's Ball. So pack your skis, your warm clothes, and most of all, yourselves, into your car, and make the trip up to Carrabassett Valley, Maine!

And what could possibly be better than Outerspace at Sugarloaf? How about free shipping for the cd? From now on, the cd will cost you $15, whether you buy it online or at a gig, no extra shipping costs.

A few other notes- we've changed the mp3's again, and coming soon: Compton's CD, "Feet of Clay," available to buy on this web site!

See you on the slopes!

Eliot gives ski lessons at Sugarloaf in exchange for future web design.

September 2, 2000

Well, its been over a week since the Maine tour ended, but playing catch-up at the job has kept me from posting any news until now. The boys were hot and the dance floor was smoking at the Breakaways' gig. And having the Blues Prophets playing a set was a real treat. Although the weather threatened on several occasions, it held off for the outdoor shows. While it was only the second year the band had played at Gritty's, there was a great turn-out and we all look forward to going back next year. The final mystery show resulted in the boys making it back to Vinalhaven. Because of prior crowd issues the band had been unable to play on the island for the last several years and permission for this year's show was conditioned on the band agreeing to no off-island advertising or notice of the gig. Despite the gag order a number of folks made it for what turned into a memorable show culminating with a fantastic sunset befitting the end of the tour.

Adding to the excitement was the arrival of the first shipment of the new Outerspace CD, "Rocket". There had been a whirlwind of activity by the boys to get the album finished in time for the tour, and while shipping screw-ups resulted in some dissapointment, as the CDs were not available until the Gritty's gig, we were still almost sold out by the time the band got home. But not to worry, more are now on hand and we will be selling them right here as soon as the final arrangments can be made to offer secure online credit card sales. At this point we hope to have sales beginning within the next week or two. Until then, take a listen to the three new Mp3s that have been substituted for the ones previously available. Also check out the new photos from the recent shows.

Also in the works is an attempt to get a couple of the boys to make regular contibutions to the site. I will have more on this soon.

As the one who twists the dials out front, the quality of my experience on the road is very much dependent on the equipment I get to work with; and for that I want want to offer my own special thanks to Klondike, who besides playing great bass, also provides the band a stellar sound reinforcement system. I know it makes my job enjoyable, and from comments I heard I know the audience also appreciated it. And for that Klon, thanks!

And thanks to all the band for giving us a great album!

August 14, 2000

Well...the time is here to pack; Space is on the road this week! Things have been busy but it looks like the album will be done in the nick-of-time for this week's shows. And for sale here on the web soon after I get home. We still haven't ironed out the wrinkles about how we're going to process our orders, but don't worry, we will work out something. The boys have been "woodshedding" and I am expecting the gigs this week to be hot. I hope to see many of you there; and remember, if anyone has material (photos, stories etc.) that you would like to see on this site you can give it to me at any of the shows.

Space Webmasters
Arthur and Danielle Adams admin@outerspaceband.com

August 1, 2000

Welcome to the Outerspace Band website. For those of you who have already found your way here it has been obvious that we've been under construction. I have delayed starting this news page until things started to take shape, but now that the basics have been completed I at least want to make sporadic postings.

This site has been created to provide information, photos, graphics and calendar information for the Outerspace Band. There soon will be a complete history of the band posted in the About the Band section of the site. Until then I will simply describe the band as one consisting of seven members, four of which are singer/songwriters, who have been playing their original material together for more than thirty years.

While that may make them dinosaurs within the evolution of rock n' roll, longevity is a rare quality among bands, which commands one's respect. As part of the family that has grown with the band (I have been their soundman since the early days), my daughter and I have taken on the task of creating and maintaining this site to demonstrate that respect. Although we may be rookies to website creation, we will add to this site as our abilities develop and content is created. To this end, we will be looking to you for help. In particular we would love to get photos, stories and other memorabilia that have been collected by fans over the years, and use them on this site (see address on photos page). Each year on the road we encounter folks who have shown us all kinds of great stuff they have about the band; now is your chance to share it with Space fans everywhere! I also welcome any comments or suggestions, which can be sent to me at admin@outerspaceband.com.

As many of you already know, there is a new Space album due for release soon (mid August) and we are working to be able to provide secure online sales capability. We hope to have this functioning by the album release date. More will be posted on this later.

So take a look around, check out the mp3s, and stop back often.

Space Webmasters
Arthur and Danielle Adams

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