Uncle Al

Having made my soft landing on this planet a good ten years before the rest of the Space Men, I have developed my own particular take on the world. What amazes and interests me is the infinite number of moments and how we act within them that go into creating our personal histories.

I remember back in my early high school years, when the rest of the space guys were still learning the hard lessons of gravity, I was walking around being really pissed at Elvis for distracting all the girls. I remember an evening out behind Naples Central High School, sitting with my friend "Mudso" in his '49 Merc (forest green I think it was) listening to "The Hound," a D.J. out of Buffalo, NY play R&B on the radio, and allowing the powerful back beat to forever alter my musical DNA. Little did I know of the huge forces already at work informing the ga-zillion decisions I would make that in 1972 lead me through the doors of The Red Stallion, and to my first encounter with The Outerspace Band. The attraction of the music was enough in itself. Add to that the weird and wonderful rock 'n roll theater and the strange beings performing there and you had a force field hard to resist. I was toast!

But hey, what's not to love about a bunch of guys who came to refer to me variously as "Uncle Meat" or "The 34 year old Perfect Master??"

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